A Day in Cuenca


A town with houses hanging over the edge of a cliff. And what’s more, it’s a town under an hour from Madrid on the AVE. Yes, you should visit Cuenca to see its famous Casas Colgadas (hanging houses), but really there’s so much more to see.


Of course, you’ll probably take a walk to the top of the town, stand on the edge of a cliff and pose in photos of Cuenca.


But why not take a side street to get there and feel what it’s like just metres from the cliff.


Then you could follow the path that heads down into the Huécar Gorge and check out the view of the town.


But there’s more to see! Why not keep walking to the Monastery, if you’re in the gorge you’re halfway there already.


Ok, so it’s not actually a monastery anymore, nowadays it’s a hotel. There’s always the Iglesia San Pedro if you’re in need of some church time.


Then you could take a walk around and see some of the cute houses.



Why don’t you see if you can find this clocktower, it’s not actually as far away as you think.


And most importantly, find a local store and stock up on local specialties like queso manchego, morteruelo or resolí to take home. Do it before the stores shut so you can continue to taste the beautiful memories of your day in Cuenca long after you leave.



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