An Afternoon Walking Around Europe

It’s not everyday you have the time, money or energy to travel around Europe, even if you are lucky enough to be based in my beloved Madrid. In fact, if you are based somewhere like Madrid, you might prefer not to travel all the time because there is too much awesomeness to see here. However, if you are craving a little more of Europe, it’s not hard to find at Parque de Europa.


Madrid is full of wonderful parks, and this is no exception. Not far out of the city and very easy to get to on public transport is Parque de Europa, a park filled with replicas of monuments from countries in the European Union.



Yes, you’d probably seen the Eiffel Tower and the London Bridge before you came here, but why not get inspired to see the real windmills in Holland.


And you’ll probably never see the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland, so why not check it out here?


Ok so elephants aren’t really European but the chance to pet elephants that even PETA would be happy with? Make sure you take advantage of that while you’re here!


So why not spend a sunny afternoon strolling through Europe with some fellow madrileños?


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5 thoughts on “An Afternoon Walking Around Europe

  1. I miss Spain so much. I haven’t been back since that fateful encounter (I mean that in a positive way, haha!) with you and Liz in Barcelona, circa… 2007? Or thereabouts. Love this virtual tour of Europe in a few snaps. Awesome memories! Hope you’re doing well lovely x

    • Thank you for your lovely words Laura! Our fateful encounter was in January 2006, it’s been too long now. I hope you make it back here at some stage, or maybe we can meet up in the Southern Hemisphere instead. Sending you lots of love from Spain xx

      • Oh wow, ten years…!!!! I cannot believe it’s been that long! SO nice that we can still be in contact via this weird thing called the internet. Definitely a privilege of our generation 🙂 And yes, if it’s possible I’d love to visit and catch up with you again. There would be so many stories to tell! Keep in touch lovely, love right back at you! xx

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