Berlin Street Art – Part 2

I call this collection Odds and Ends. Although not everything here is covered by the term Street Art, it is art that I found in the streets of Berlin. Purists will disagree, but this art made me smile.

My first night in Berlin, I wandered into a concert in a tunnel no more that 10 metres long. At 3am, when I was returning home from another concert. I think that counts as art. Even if it doesn’t, it can certainly be classed awesome.

Germans are ever wary of losing their privacy, shown by the CCTV monsters living at the end of our street.

Berlin Bears were sprinkled throughout the city. Sometimes alone.

Sometimes with their friends.

Love made out of masking tape just doesn’t last.

But it’s nice to be reminded of love as you drive through a green light.

Space Invaders fans showing devotion through post-it notes.

A Kunstautomat. Automats selling cigarettes are not uncommon in Germany, but this was the first “art-automat” I’d ever seen.

And ummm. Thanks for the offer but I’m going to say no.

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