Berlin Street Art – Part 1

Berlin has a symbiotic relationship with its artists. Neither could be nearly as great as they are without the other. They grow together and feed off each other. When talking about Berlin and street art, most people think of the remains of the Berlin Wall painted in a combination of murals and graffiti. But that wasn’t what captivated me during the two months I spent in Berlin last winter – I was more charmed by the street art sprinkled though out the city.

The most obvious street art to be found are the giant murals that cover what would otherwise most often be be stark-naked, often dilapidated, communist-era buildings.

Wandering around, I would spot murals from afar.


Which would lead me to areas of the city I might never have discovered if I hadn’t been trying to see them close up.

Sometimes it would be a coffee shop enticing you in, out of the cold.

Sometimes it would be a patriotic ex-pat supporting their team.

Sometimes it was a little creepy.

Other times it was art for art’s sake (or maybe they just didn’t like their garage doors).

What ever it was, it gave me another excuse to brave sub-zero temperatures and to get back outside into the never-ending excitement that is Berlin.

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