A Day in Toledo

“A city in Spain where Christians, Jews and Muslims once lived side-by-side in harmony?” you ask in disbelief. “Where?” you continue, interested by this statement because even with your basic knowledge of Spanish history, you know that none of these religions have got along for long periods in Spain. “Toledo,” comes the reply, “just half an hour from Madrid by train.”

In fact, the first place that comes up when anyone mentions a day trip from Madrid is always Toledo, so it was of no surprise that I’d get there sooner or later.


Toledo is full of history and you can see it everywhere in the city. It’s in the cathedrals, synagogues, mosques, museums, art and buildings like the Alcázar de Toledo. But my favourite way of discovering the history was just by walking.

Walking through the peaceful old town and wondering what would be around each corner.



Walking through the streets and spying the cathedral spire.



Walking down cobblestone steps and finding words in unknown alphabets reminding all who pass of the great history of this city.


Walking to the Puerta del Sol (city gate) only to find a Mosque built in the year 999 AD.


And then finding the Puerta del Sol.


Walking across the river to get great views of the city and finding ruins like these.


Then continuing to walk until finally reaching the beautiful views of the city and looking back on a small city, bursting at the seams with fascinating architecture, history and people.


Walking until it is eventually time to go home to Madrid.



4 thoughts on “A Day in Toledo

  1. Amazing. Another beautiful Spanish city we are yet to visit. Looking forward to visiting Toledo in the coming years but next Cordoba. Thank you for sharing Toledo with us.

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