A Day in Segovia

Living in Madrid means living in the most land-locked location in Spain. Like me however, the Romans had a great appreciation for water and one of their most well kept ruins in this part of the world is the aqueduct in Segovia. Only about 2 hours from Madrid by bus, you feel like you’re entering an entirely different world, far removed from the go-go-go of modern Madrid.





While the aqueduct is the drawcard for most visitors, I also made my way there to taste the famous cochinillo or suckling pig that Spaniards travel from all over the country to savour. Presented to the table whole and then cut into meal size portions with a plate (yes, a plate), this spectacle is just the beginning before you devour the tender juicy meat of this spring piggy.


But the aqueduct and delicious pigs are not the only things of interest in Segovia. There’s also a beautiful cathedral that you’ll find right on your way to the Alcázar of Segovia (the castle) which, along with Neuschwanstein, is said to be the inspiration for the Disney Castle.



As my food budget always far outweighs my tourist sight budget (in both time and money) I chose to climb the tower of the Alcázar, skipping the Cathedral. And for this view I’d do it again, even if a full stomach makes the 152 stairs a little more challenging to climb.


Looking back at this ancient little city, I’m happy to know that not too far beyond those distant mountains lies my beloved adopted home city of Madrid.

4 thoughts on “A Day in Segovia

  1. This is great daytrip from Madrid. (thanks for the tip 😉

    I also recommend taking a stroll down past the cathedral out of the city walls. Heading down through some pleasant veggie and fig gardens, there is an old jewish cemetery on the other side of the valley (over the road). A nice place to take a break under the trees with a view back over the entire town enclosed within the impressive medieval wall.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed your trip there and thanks to you for the tip too! Although I’ve been to Segovia about three times now, I’ve never gone beyond the old city. I can imagine the view looking back would be beautiful so I’ll definitely head there next time 🙂

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