I Want More Pai!


Leaving Chaing Mai for the hippy village of Pai, we got an insight into what happens when you overstay in Thailand. The sad reality of two late 40 something men talking about their mushroom trips, what kind of painkillers they could get and who was taking care of their ‘plants’ reminded us to enjoy Thailand but not stay too long.


DSC05843       DSC05849

But walking around Pai it’s easy to see how people do end up staying longer than they planned. Days drift by filled with meal after meal of hearty food, healthy fruit smoothies infused with wheatgrass and nothing to measure the passing of time except when your scooter was due back at the shop.




Our Argentinian breakfast companion explained to us on the first day, “Everywhere else you are, you feel guilty if you don’t go out sightseeing, but in Pai, you feel guilty if you do spend too much time out sightseeing and not relaxing.” So we settled on a balance. There’s plenty to do around Pai once you force yourself out of the bookstores, cafés and cafés-cum-bookstores.


DSC06116      DSC05857

It took us a day or two exploring the local area on scooters before we slowed down to “Pai-time”. We visited waterfalls to escape the midday heat.


We found white Buddhas and golden Buddhas.



We visited Pai Canyon during the midday heat and had to return at sunset so we didn’t collapse from heat exhaustion.

DSC05921       DSC05985


We drank tea at the local Chinese village, enjoying the views of the surrounding valley.



We whiled away the days drinking herbal teas, reading books and soaking up the atmosphere. And like so many travellers before us, we ended up scrambling to the border with just a day left on our visa, hoping to return.


3 thoughts on “I Want More Pai!

  1. Tali! Hello lovely. So nice to read all of your traveling adventures. I’ve never been to Thailand but Pai sounds like a wonderfully relaxing place. Can’t believe it’s been… seven years (or so?) since Roderick and I met you and Liz in Barcelona. We’ve both well and truly settled into life and responsibility now. A bit sad but hey, at least I get to travel vicariously through you on your blog!! Take care beautiful! xx

    • I know, I can’t believe how time has flown by too. Is it really 7 years since we met? Well while I’m living out of a suitcase, I live vicariously through your posts too, dreaming of the day I have a kitchen and a house to make and share wonderful food in. I’m glad we can both inspire each other and I hope we one day meet up again for a meal! xxx

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