Please Don’t Rush

Welcomed to this beautiful country by school children blowing us kisses and waving to us as we exited Passport Control,  I knew immediately that Laos was about to become one of my favourite countries. They say the PDR in Lao PDR actually means “Please Don’t Rush,” because, well, ‘island-time’ takes on a whole new meaning in this land locked tropical country. Endearingly coined by backpackers, we took this term to heart while travelling in Laos and learnt very quickly to order lunch before we got hungry.

We started our time in Laos exactly as one should in the Lao PDR – taking our time sipping cool Beer Lao in the exhausting heat and watching the sun setting over the Mekong. We followed this up with a two-day slow-boat ride down the Mekong, reading books to the gentle rocking of the boat, interrupted every half hour or so to spot remote villages, see locals who live off the Mekong and to admire the landscape and nature lining the river.



DSC06195 DSC06204  DSC06225 DSC06236 DSC06289


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