Cherry Blossoms and New Beginnings

Coming from a place where trees don’t even lose their leaves in winter, I never truly understood the significance of spring. After an incredibly tough winter in a poorly insulated house, surrounded by grey hills and grey skys, the arrival of spring and cherry blossoms has been such a significant and mood-changing event. I can now fully appreciate the beauty of this season.

They said it doesn’t snow in Yangsan, but it definitely did while I was here.


I have been welcoming the spring with open arms. Korea isn’t as famous as Japan for its cherry blossoms (my students described them as “you know teacher, those Japanese flowers”), but after the Korean winter, they have been my saviour. So here are some moments of the splendor of spring.

DSC04440 DSC04457 DSC04469 DSC04549 DSC04554  DSC04630 DSC04639

Cherry blossoms and spring are also a time of new beginnings for me. My one year contract in Korea is up and I’m not renewing it. I’m packing my bags for a well deserved trip around South East Asia and will be leaving before spring is out.


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