Neuschwanstein – A Fairytale Castle

After a year living in Munich we were about to head home but still hadn’t seen the famous castle nearby, Neuschwanstein. Famous why, you ask? Well you may recognise it as the Disney castle – it is said to be the inspiration.

So on our second to last snowy day in Bavaria, we headed off to see what this castle looked like in real life.

This is what it can look like in summer:


And in winter:


And yet this was our first view of it (which we were expecting, the website had advised that it would be half hidden by scaffolding).


It started snowing just as we arrived at Neuschwanstein, making it truly feel like we were at a castle from a fairytale.




As the weather closed in, a walk into the cloud covered hills to get a view of the castle from above became impossible.


Neuschwanstein was amazing to see in real life and it gave us a beautiful view of Bavaria and the Bavarian landscape, reminding us just how lucky we had been to live in Munich for a year. It was nice way to say goodbye to our host country, to a place that made us feel at home.


3 thoughts on “Neuschwanstein – A Fairytale Castle

  1. Ludwig II was also planning a castle in the style of the orient and the construction of airships – very fascinating guy. Also his death is a mystery. Suicide, accident or murder. No one really knows. How did you like Munich? Did you stay in a flat or in a hotel? I’m looking for one on and co. but I’m always open for tips.

    • I loved Munich, it was a wonderful city to live in and to visit. We lived in a flat because we stayed a year, but any of the hotel sites should find you a great hotel in or near the centre of city.

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