A Winter Escape to Vanuatu

It’s been particularly tough surviving this Northern Hemisphere winter while all my friends and family have been sharing stories of their glorious summer holidays soaking up the sun on beaches in New Zealand. Living in a poorly insulated house through a cold winter in South Korea, has left me dreaming of beautiful beach holidays.

In particular, I’ve been thinking of a winter escape I took to Port Vila, Vanuatu.

The local wildlife was friendly and cute.

Vanu 527

Vanu 430

The water was so clear that we spent days snorkelling.

Vanu 384

Vanu 454

The view from our resort was definitely worth writing home about.

Vanu 185

The hiking took us to lakes of a colour green I had never imagined.

Vanu 284

The cocktails were plentiful and even enjoyed on the beach.

Vanu 162

The sunsets were spectacular.

Vanu 370

And the whole time I didn’t have to dread going home to my cold house.

Vanu 064

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