Fukuoka Food Diaries

Such a huge part of travelling for me is eating. It’s essential wherever you are in the world, but while travelling it becomes even more important (to keep your energy levels up) and so much more exciting, to try new foods, to see how people are by what they eat and to see how their culture and food influence each other.

So, my first stop in Fukuoka was Raumen Stadium to try this typical Hakata dish.



And I wasn’t disappointed by the melt-in-your-mouth pork, the perfectly cooked noodles and the rich, milky broth.

I couldn’t go to Japan and not eat soba noodles and tempura.



No trip to Japan would be complete without a traditional tea house experience either.


I didn’t eat everything I saw though, this watermelon at ¥10,000 is about $130. I thought $30 was outrageous in Korea!


Of course, there are essentials while travelling.


And snacks almost always consisted of iced coffee (essential when the temperature is 35°C or higher) and onigiri to give us lots of energy to keep going and seeing all the sights to be seen.


Everything in Japan is cutsey, and rice cakes of course fall into this category too.


For those people who remember Suntory Time from Lost In Translation, they don’t just sell whisky. On the other side of the coffee bottle you will find that SILKY stands for Stylish, Intelligent, Luxurious, Keeps You Relaxed. I would not have guessed that myself.


I like sharing plates of food with friends, it avoids the food envy that so often happens while travelling and having too many exciting food options to choose!


I have no photos of the best meal I ate in Fukuoka, yakitori. The food was so amazing that I was too busy savouring it to even remember to get my camera out. But trust me, it was good.

Street food stalls are a common sight in Fukuoka, and so what better way to finish my time in Fukuoka than with another bowl of scrumptious ramen, from an secret recipe at a traditional street stall.



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