An Ode to Barcelona

Barcelona was the first place I visited in Spain that made me never ever want to leave Spain. No, it wasn’t the first city I ever visited in Spain. Yes ok, it was the second. So when I had the opportunity to spend another weekend there, I started counting the sleeps to go before I had even bought my tickets.

Every time I go back there I still get the same feeling I did the first time I visited. Just landing at the Barcelona Airport makes me smile. In all of Europe it is my favourite city. It has it all, especially a vibrancy that comes from people who embrace life.

And so begins my Ode to Barcelona:

I love Barcelona. I love the art and architecture of this city. I love the big open boulevards in the centre of town. I love the food and especially the markets. I love talking to the locals and wishing I too could be a local of Barcelona. I love the personality of the Catalans, I love their fashion and their confidence.

I love Park Güell and its amazing views over the city. I love the buskers, and the musicians who embrace the good weather that Barcelona has to offer and entertain us. I love getting lost in the skinny, winding backstreets. I love the random parades of people wandering through Barcelonetta on a Sunday afternoon. I love the waterfront that goes on forever, lining the beautiful beach. I even love the way the sun sets here.


I love the melting pot of cultures. I love the mix of history and modernity. And last but not least, I love the way people live their lives. Getting up late, staying up late, going out late, eating lunch late and the eating dinner late, the knowing smiles on the locals’ faces – they know they live in the most beautiful city in Europe.


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