A Piece of Pisa

Arriving on a misty grey day can really give you a bad impression of a city, especially if you’re only visiting for a short time. So after arriving to this:

It was nice to be bid farewell by this.

Our first stop in Pisa (like most other visitors) was the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Now it’s leaning, now it’s not.


And of course there was the obligatory “I’m a cheesy tourist” photo to be taken.

While the Leaning Tower of Pisa is so famous, there is a lot more to Pisa than just this tower made by engineers that didn’t take its own weight into account. First of all there is the Church beside the tower, that is so rarely seen in Pisa photos.

Not to mention the Università di Pisa and the fact that this is a bicycle friendly city (some of the first words I learnt in Italian were swearwords, I wonder why?).

There’s the old town which is beautiful as well as fun to wander around and get lost in.

And of course there is the river to stroll along or hang out beside.

5 thoughts on “A Piece of Pisa

  1. Pisa has a lot more to offer than just the tower. The city is very interesting to wander around in and there are some great places to eat. The tower is pretty amazing. I never get tired of visiting it.

    • I agree, Pisa is worth spending more than just a flying visit to. I hope to go back again one day too but am currently focusing on exploring new places.

  2. Nice to see the other areas of town. I wonder what the purpose of that tower was. I presume the church was there first so if they needed a lookout it would have sufficed no?

    • It was actually built as a bell tower for the church. Unfortunately they removed the bells a while ago to reduce weight (and stop it falling further) so we didn’t hear them while we were there. I hope they put them up again once they’ve finished the stabilization works on it.

  3. There was once a Freshly Pressed entry where it shows letterings enscripted on the buildings. I wish I saw those, but I shamfully paid no attention to the detail.

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