A Wanderweg in Bavaria

They say when in Rome, do as the Romans do… So I decided while in Bavaria, it was time for me to step into a German stereotype and get my hike on. As I’m not yet 40 I didn’t go so far as to get out my nordic walking poles for a flat path along a very tame walk way that a nana wouldn’t even need their zimmer-frame for. Instead, I decided to go for a hike from Tegernsee to Schliersee, just two of the many lakes south of Munich.

Tegernsee is a cute little village where they make really good beer (although as we hadn’t started our 3 hour walk we didn’t stop for one – note to self and others, aim to finish at Tegernsee rather than start there) about an hour from Munich with BOB (no that’s not my new friend, it’s a Bavarian train company).


The beautiful Rathaus (Town Hall) over looks the lake:

Not a bad spot for a beer:

It would hardly be a Bavarian village if it was wasn’t complete with a castle-biergarten combo now would it?

And after a mildly strenuous walk:


It was nice to finish here!

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