Ranting and Raving about Lake Bled

I had decided not to go to Lake Bled. It looked too far from Ljubljana on the map and I knew I had a long way still to go to get to Greece. Until I arrived at my hostel in Ljubljana that was. As I walked in the door I met a group of backpackers ranting and raving about Lake Bled after returning from a day trip. When they told me it was the most beautiful lake they’d visited in Europe I started looking into it. It is on the other side of the country, but fortunately Slovenia is not a big country.

Two mornings later, I got on a bus and realised that yes, it’s worth every minute that it does take to get there.


On the advice of the ranters and ravers, I hired a bike and set off on the path that circles the lake.


I took about two hours to circle the lake because I couldn’t stop taking photos, telling myself that this would be the most beautiful view.



Until I got to the next corner and it was even more beautiful, so I had to stop again and repeat the whole process.


And then the around the next corner it would happen again. I got exactly what the ranters and ravers were talking about.

I ate my lunch with this view.


And then I went for a swim with this view.


Once you’ve circled the lake a couple of times, you can head up into the hills and see the cute little villages that surround Bled.


There’s plenty more to do and see around Lake Bled, especially if you like the outdoors; hiking and visiting the Vintgar Gorge came highly recommended. I ran out of time and had to head back to Ljubljana so I could continue my overland trip towards Greece the next day. If I didn’t, I would have loved to spend a few days chilling in the villages surrounding Lake Bled.


So if you want my opinion, go to Lake Bled. Go there even if it seems out of the way. Go there even if it’s not the most direct route to your destination. Or skip it – if you want to skip the most beautiful lake in Europe that is.


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9 thoughts on “Ranting and Raving about Lake Bled

  1. If I could only pick one place to visit in Slovenia, I think it would be Lake Bled. All the photos I’ve seen echo its beauty. Did you have time to go to that church in the middle of the lake? It looks like a pretty little church.

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