On the Road: Vientiane

In the centre of Vientiane lies a monument suspiciously similar to Paris’ Arc de Triomphe. Patuxai has seen better days (like a lot of Vientiane) but with a view out over the city and a public park behind it, it’s still a great place to enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon in Laos.


5 thoughts on “On the Road: Vientiane

  1. Great photo. Love the structure, the palms, the path , the low hedges and the large lawn areas. Nice one.

  2. Ah this brings back some nice memories of the Lao capital for me. Btw did you know that Patuxai is often dubbed “the vertical runway”?

    • Hi Bama, yes I did hear that but I didn’t want to spread a rumour because I didn’t believe it at first! More research (Lonely Planet and Wikipedia) backs up the claim though. I’ve just been reading through your Laos posts too, isn’t it such a wonderful country? 🙂

      • Oh I would love to go back in a heartbeat! I really love how laidback the country is and I remember telling myself “This is the true holiday!” 🙂

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