Passing Through Puerto Princesa


Spending an entire night sleeping on a marble floor with people constantly walking past is not my idea of fun. But if it means you’re transiting from Manila to Palawan I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Arriving in Puerto Princesa after this sleepless night was a shock to the system. The heat and humidity overwhelmed me as I tried to get my bearings in a sleep-deprived, zombie-like state. I felt dizzy trying to find my accommodation while being constantly hit by all the new sights and sounds.


After a mid-morning siesta and a swim in the pool at our resort (don’t judge us, after a year in Korea we deserve a bit of relaxing to start our three month trip of Southeast Asia), I was ready to take a stroll into town.


Puerto Princesa is more of a jump-off point than a tourist destination itself but it was still fun to explore and get a feeling for the Philippines. The Filipinos are incredibly happy, fun-loving people. The food is delightful and fresh. And after a year of abysmal sunsets (thanks to pollution and being on the east coast), it made my day to sit and watch this beautiful sunset while chatting with friendly locals.

DSC04674 DSC04681 DSC01260


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