A Grey Day in Genoa

Upon first sight, Genoa looks a bit dull, grey and boring. Nothing to really get excited about, especially after cities like Rome, Florence and Naples.




However I started to realise that Genoa wants you to think this. Genoa doesn’t want you to see her beautiful little side streets. Genoa doesn’t want you to spend time looking at the port. Genoa doesn’t want you to eat her aperativo with friends. Genoa doesn’t want you to find out that there is really delicious food at reasonable and not even touristic prices.  Genoa doesn’t want you to hunt to find a beautiful view out over the city.





But when you dig deep enough, you’ll find all those things and more. Don’t miss out on the kooky Vespas. Don’t miss out on churches proudly adorned by beautiful paintings on the outside, when the rest of Italy hides them away on the inside. Don’t be put off by a grey sky, Genoa is an Italian city which hasn’t yet been overrun with tourists and hasn’t lost its tradition and charm to cater to them.


IMG_3945      IMG_3939

3 thoughts on “A Grey Day in Genoa

  1. It’s quite amazing to imagine that there was once a powerful empire centered in this city and straddled through the Mediterranean and onto the Black Sea.

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