Teacher’s Day

Teaching in Korea hasn’t turned out to be anything like what I was expecting. My first few weeks here I was very disappointed with my job. I always knew it wouldn’t be in-depth discussions about Marketing Strategy with highly motivated adults (like it was in Italy) but I certainly wasn’t expecting to babysit children all day. My supervisor actually told me to stop trying to get the students to do their workbooks and just to chat with them. How can I do that with 5 year olds whose English vocabulary consists only of cartoon superhero characters, I wondered.

There are good days too, like when the kids don’t eat 5 boxes of candy before class and do their homework. One day it’s definitely worth being a teacher is Teacher’s Day. Here are some of the spoils I came home with.

Not to mention too many cakes to eat in one day, boxes of Dunkin Donuts and numerous iced coffees.

I also enjoyed the notes that came with some of the gifts. It seems one of my favourite students is going to have to have a lesson on how to spell Einglish, woops I mean English. Maybe I’ll teach them that once they’ve got the “DON’T TOUCH TALI TEACHER’S FACE” lesson down pat.

One thought on “Teacher’s Day

  1. Wow. Everything you say is so true. I really struggled with my tots at first but now Ive gained some tools to teach them, I’ve realized bow rewarding it can be. I love it! Look how much love they give you back for trying. How could you not? That’s a decent haul, well done. You must be doing something right! X

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