A Day Trip to the Seaside — Santa Marinella

Upon our re-arrival in Rome and after a landlocked summer, we had to get to the seaside to finally dip our toes in the Mediterranean Sea. So on our flatmate’s recommendation we went to Santa Marinella. It was quite nice.

We paid €2 to get onto the private beach:

Which was well worth it compared to the public beach:

Close enough to Rome for a day-trip, but not so close that the entire city was there, Santa Marinella was a good first trip to the Mediterranean:

4 thoughts on “A Day Trip to the Seaside — Santa Marinella

  1. This is exactly what we would like to do.
    How did you find the private beach?
    Is it far from the train station?


    • Hi Mari, the private beach where we paid 2 euros is about 200-300 metres from the train station. You basically just walk straight out and there are signs guiding you. The public beach was a bit harder to find as you had to go to the water from the station then turn left and walk around the coast to find it. Santa Marinella is definitely worth the trip!

  2. Thank you for getting back to me.
    2€ is certainly worth it. I assume they also have a longer/umbrella rental .
    Any idea of this costs ?
    We’re on a port intensive cruise and thought a beach day would be a nice change of pace, especially since we have been to Rome many times.
    Santa Marinella is only one train stop from the port, so very convenient.
    Thank you,
    Mari 🙂

    • They definitely have umbrellas and loungers, I don’t know exact costs but I’d say no more than €15 per person for both plus beach access. If you are stopping at Civitavecchia then I think it would be a great day trip as it’s so close. Enjoy your cruise!

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